Rigorous staff training regime


All staff working for JM care (supported living) undergo extensive and regular training to ensure they are the best that they can be at their job, and are providing the best possible support. All staff must complete all training available during their induction.


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Personal centred care planning


JM care (supported living) takes a very personal and unique approach to care planning. We ensure that our clients’ care plans are specifically tailored to the clients’ every wants and needs whilst also incorporating a high level of input from the relevant professional services.


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A wide range of exceptional properties


JM care (supported living) prides itself on the high level of standards at the properties it offers to its clients. We only offer properties with a low tenant capacity, with the majority of properties having a maximum capacity of 6 tenants, this is to create a more comfortable and homely atmosphere. Every client has their own en suite room as we believe everyone is entitled to their own personal space, all rooms are fully furnished to the highest standard, and any extras that the tenant may request are provided free of charge (within reason)
JM care (supported living) is well renowned particularly for its exceptional standard of property among the services it works with, as well as with our clients and their families.


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CQC Full compliance rating


We are very proud to say that the care quality commission have awarded JM care (supported living) the full compliance rating, which is the highest rating that can be awarded to a domiciliary care provider.
To view our rating details and most recent inspection, please click the link below to view our latest inspection report and company overview on the CQC website:


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10 years providing exceptional domiciliary care


JM care (supported living) has extensive experience in the care industry, and are well renowned and respected for the high level of professional service that we provide.
We have been providing domiciliary care services in excess of 10 years now, and were in operation at the very beginning when supported living was first introduced. Meaning that we have an extremely superior and proficient understanding of the services we provide over other services available.



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Welcome to

JM Carehomes Supported Living!

JM Carehomes Limited (supported living) is a professional supported living and Domiciliary care company who supply The best possible professional support and Care to clients in their own accomodation.We strive to work in close cooperation with Social Services, Primary Care and NHS Trusts, Local Councils and also with the families of of our clients.
The company has a comprehensive range of policies and procedures that underpin all its activities. These ensure that the service is operated in accordance with current expectations of good care practice, including the provision of personal care; health and safety and protection; staff recruitment; induction, training and supervision; complaints and quality assurance.
Our main priority at JM care (supported living) is to provide the best possible support to our clients, whilst also giving them as much comfort and fulfilment in their lives as possible.

Let us take care of the hard work for you! At JM care (supported living) we take care of every aspect of transition and placement when someone is beginning a service with us. We liaise with all relevant professional services in order to make the transition process as easy and stress free for our clients as possible and ensure they settle ‘stress free’ into their new life.
These services include:

  • Care planinng
  • Local councils communication
  • Community activities
  • Social worker communication
  • College and education
  • Group/singular Holiday planning
  • Regular care reviews
    • Regular Key worker meetings
    • Housing benefit support
    • Local GP
    • Psychiatric and therapeutic services
    • Finance budgeting and support
    • Goal planning

And much more..

JM Carehomes supported living

Company in numbers

Professional staff

Number of locations

Years in business

Number of associated Councils

Supported living services

Our main services center on adults 18+ with learning disabilities and or mental health issues, however we also have vast experience with clients with physical disabilities, drug and alcohol problems and also clients with a forensic and criminal history, when it is in excess of a learning disability or mental health diagnosis.
The basic concept of supported living is for the client to have their own tenancy in the property that they live in giving them more independence and confidence in the community, whilst also having support staff readily available to support them as their care plan dictates. At JM care (supported living) we have core staff on site 24 hours a day and operate a 2:1 staff to client ratio. 1:1 hours for any specific needs and out of property activities are always available and are agreed with the clients social worker prior to the service commencing. This level of 1:1 can be altered at any time with agreement from social services.

Throughout the years of our service being in operation, we have also found our own way to bring about improvements in all of the services we offer, and we continue to do so as time goes on.

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client Overview

What our clients say

We have many clients with a wide range of different issues and diagnosis, and we strive to make every single service as unique and tailored as possible to ensure they have the best quality of life. Each client has an assigned key worker who they have regular meetings with so they are able to express their wants and wishes, compliments and complaints, and voice anything else they may have on their mind. All client-key worker meeting records are passed onto management and are discussed on a regular basis in order to help us improve our service to the client.

“I am writing on behalf of JG’s family in the north of Scotland to say how happy we are to hear of J’s transfer to Essex. I have been in regular contact with the manager who has made great inroads with his recovery. I realise it is early days but had he remained in his previous placement I would have been very concerned about his survival. He has had a lapse and staff has managed to persuade him to return to the carehome, this was certainly above their call of duty. We just hope he can continue to stay with you, as you seem to understand his failings and most importantly J understands and respect the staff. It is the first glimmer of hope we have had in the past ten years.”

MG J’s sister

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help. J left many years ago and since then the family have been very worried about him. Finally, we can see just a glimmer of hope and that’s down to the interest you are showing in him. The family really are so very appreciative of all the work you have done. We for work and care, you have given the family some peace of mind. We are indebted to you for all you have done for J”

Dianne J’s niece

Synopsis of staff and service quality

Support practices at JM Care Homes Ltd. (supported living) are often improved according to the prospects of clients. All Staff are certified, fully trained and highly-experienced in our field. For a copy of our training matrix and or the training records of any of our staff members, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and we will provide the relevant information.

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