About Us

A Few Words About Us

JM Carehomes Limited is a company set up to supply Domiciliary Care to clients in their own accomodation. The company strives to work in close cooperation with Social Services, Primary Care and NHS Trusts as well as any family carers the service user may have.
The company has a comprehensive range of policies and procedures that underpin all its activities.

Code of Ethics

  • Fairness and transparency in all our dealings with you.
  • Providing properly vetted staff who are friendly, reliable and well trained to provide the care you need in your own home.
  • Achieving a good relationship between you and your carer. We will always try to make the best match and, where possible, continue to send the same carer to you.
  • Respecting and promoting your individuality, dignity, independence, right to make your own decisions, privacy and confidentiality of information.
  • Undertaking a thorough needs assessment before care is provided.
  • Undertaking regular quality checks to ensure the service is meeting both your expectations and the company’s standards.
  • Maintaining good communications with you.

Guiding Principles

The principles listed below underpin all our operations and provide the foundation for delivering a high quality service.
  • Compassion: We know that many of our customers are vulnerable and live in difficult circumstances. It is therefore essential that our staff provide you with understanding care, courtesy and service and treat you with dignity and respect at all times so that you feel valued and important.
  • Participation: We recognise the importance of helping our customers to continue to do things for themselves. Therefore we will encourage you to contribute as much as you reasonably can to maintain your independence.
  • Integrity: It is essential that all staff behave with scrupulous professionalism, in other words with honesty, fairness, and integrity to earn the trust and respect of all our customers.
  • Communication: We will communicate effectively with you and keep you informed in good time about things you need to know. We will regularly consult you over your care requirements and seek feedback from you on our performance in an open-minded and positive way. We will use the information to help us improve our service.
  • Quality: Our primary aim is to provide excellent, individually tailored support or domiciliary care services at all times for every customer we serve. To achieve this we have a full range of policies we work to and will make every effort to match care staff to you so that their individual experience and skills match your needs. We check how well we achieve this and improve our performance through our quality assurance system.


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