Supported Living: Who pays?

Funding for social support and care can come from many different sources

Currently JMC generally contracts with and is paid by local authorities or primary care trusts. However, as Individual Budgets become more widespread, increasing autonomy will be given to people who use our services to organize their own care package using Individual Budgets and Direct Payments.

Purchasers and Commissioners

J.M. Carehomes works closely with Social Service departments, NHS Primary Care Trusts, Case Managers and Supporting People teams.

JMC Community Care has a strong track record of working closely with Social Service departments, NHS Primary Care Trusts and Supporting People teams who are responsible for purchasing and commissioning care and support for people who use across the UK.
Because of our extensive experience, we are well versed with working within these organisations’ own policy frameworks and with other relevant agencies to ensure the needs of people who use our services are met.

Families and Carers

J.M. Carehomes can help families and carers with their queries about funding and housing made on behalf of people who use our services.

JMC Community Care recognizes the role of families and carers in helping those who use our services to choose the best support and care package available.

Individual Budgets

Individual budgets are being introduced for many people, giving them choice about how they receive and manage their care package.

Understanding the different sources of funding available for social care can be quite confusing. At J.M. Carehomes, we are committed to simplifying the process, ensuring that people have full information at their fingertips.
With the Government planning to personalize adult social care services even further, many people across the country can now access Individual Budgets, Personal Budgets, Direct Payments and Independent Living Fund Payments.
Individual Budgets – sometimes called Individualised Budgets – differ in that they cover a multitude of funding streams, beside adult social care, eg Supporting People, Disabled Facility Grant, Independent Living Funds, Access to Work and Community Equipment Services. Similar to Personal Budgets, an Individual Budget can be taken as a Direct Payment or left with the council to administer. It can also be given to another organization to be managed on behalf of the user, or any combination of the above methods, giving the person choice about how they receive and manage their care package.

Benefits Team

J.M. Carehomes has its own specialist in-house Benefits Team, who can advise on all aspects of income and expenditure.

We appreciate how difficult it can be for people to find their way around the benefits system, which can be extremely complex. As a result, we have created a dedicated in-house Benefits Team who can help people apply for DWP benefits, Housing Benefit and other available income streams. We can also advise on Individual Budgets, Personal Budgets, Personal Budgets and Direct Payments.
We work closely with Social Services and NHS Primary Care Trusts as well as Supported Living teams, in order to consolidate funding arrangements for Purchasers and Commissioners.
We also work closely with housing providers in order to ensure the best accommodation is provided for those who use our services and, in line with good practice, keep the role of housing and social care completely separate.
When it comes to making a house a home, we are always delighted to help. Whether family members or carers are helping to choose paint colours or furniture, or require other levels of advice and assistance, our aim is to work with everyone who uses our services to ensure their needs, as outlined in their person-centred plan, are met.
JMC has a strong specialist in-house Benefits team, who can advise on all aspects of income and expenditure. Our job is to ensure everyone who uses JMCs services receive the maximum benefit to which they are entitled and our Benefits team are often able to reclaim past money owed.

Providing value for money

We recognize that those purchasing and commissioning social care services have to work to budgets, and local authorities can be assured that the services they purchase from JMC are economic, effective and efficient.
We also aim to be innovative, providing the people who use our services with the best opportunities for choice and citizenship, giving purchasers and commissioners reassurance that they are investing in a reliable specialist provider.

Administrative Support

We will always meet purchasers’ administrative requirements, for example the provision of tailored reports which fulfill a specific need. We maintain a regular dialogue with commissioners and value feedback from them, an important driver to maintaining and improving quality.

Personal Budgets

Personal Budgets are an allocation of funding to meet assessed needs. This allows a person to have control and choice over how their care needs are met and by whom. It can either be taken as a Direct Payment or left with councils to commission services, or a combination of both. There is, therefore, a choice for people who do not want to take on the responsibility of Direct Payment themselves. Personal Budgets are being introduced by councils over the next three years.

Wide range of expertise

Our expertise covers all aspects of Social Security Benefits, \housing Benefits, Supporting People Grants and Independent Living Funds in order to help people pay for their services. We can also help with Direct Payments, Personal Budgets and Individual Budgets.

Acting as ‘appointee’

We are ‘appointee’ to most of the people who use our services, particularly those who do not have the mental capacity to manage their own financial affairs. This means we are responsible for everything to do with their benefits. We will always open a separate personal bank account and use their monetary entitlements to pay their housing and other living expenses. In these circumstances we keep a budget and detailed records of all financial transactions.
The decision to make an ‘appointee’ is never taken lightly. If we are the ‘appointee’ our approach is to involve those who use our services in decisions about how their money is spent. Where possible, we aim to build up their confidence in dealing with money, with a view to relinquishing our appointment to them at some future date if they and others involved in their care feel they are able to handle their own affairs.
If we are not the ‘appointee’ we are happy to help with the management of finances if asked to do so by the service user or by a family member who is his or her ‘appointee’. We will always respect the privacy of the service user in respect of financial, as well as other, matters.

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