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Sheltered Housing Services

Concerned About Your Independent Living?

JM Care Homes Ltd. is a UK company which has always been prompt at sheltered housing services across the counties of Hertfordshire and Essex and our capital London. It’s been years, we are flourishing with numbers of satisfied clients across these regions of the UK. Availing service like ‘sheltered housing’ right at the moment of need is hard to find, but we, keeping the growing needs of society on mind, have sprawled with such service over the United Kingdom.

Sheltered Housing with new prospect!

JM Care Homes Ltd. provides additional sheltered housing services unlike others. According to main definition of sheltered housing, the provider is only meant to help the one in need with flat (what will be self-contained) or house either on rent or by selling but not for continuous regulation. We do not go with main definition and decided to provide all other domiciliary services along with sheltered housing at much reasonable expenses. Meanwhile, responsibilities include:

  • Help in bathing and dressing the client up.
  • Help in self-administered activities.
  • Help in suitable and recommended exercises.

Fulfilling household including.

  • Personal laundry, vacuuming and dusting.
  • Arrangement of kitchen staffs and bathroom washing as well.

Mealing services at own residence.

As sheltered housing is completely based on personal-centered activities what define client must be processed according to his/her personal choice and especially health-needs. Hence, we always plan and prepare meals for the concern client according to choice plus needs.

We even offer long processed food-supervising services like leaving hot meals to be cold so that client can have it later.

Followed by all this, our staffs do take care of utensil washing and drying them up, as well.

Our unique approach towards sheltered housing services!

We have redefined sheltered housing according to our prospects towards the needs of society. With demands for independent living in safe and secure social environment, any one above the age bar of 50-55 i.e. elderly citizens can approach us through self-funding or social services both at any time. The option is not yet limited, elderly citizens with learning disorders and moderate dementia are also welcomed by our warm wishes. We are 24/7 available and always up with prompt response towards incoming.

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