Listen to the Testimonials

We’ve Received Recently

“I am writing on behalf of JG’s family in the north of Scotland to say how happy we are to hear of J’s transfer to Essex. I have been in regular contact with the manager who has made great inroads with his recovery. I realise it is early days but had he remained in his previous placement I would have been very concerned about his survival. He has had a lapse and staff has managed to persuade him to return to the carehome, this was certainly above their call of duty. We just hope he can continue to stay with you, as you seem to understand his failings and most importantly J understands and respect the staff. It is the first glimmer of hope we have had in the past ten years.”

MG J’s sister

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help. J left many years ago and since then the family have been very worried about him. Finally, we can see just a glimmer of hope and that’s down to the interest you are showing in him. The family really are so very appreciative of all the work you have done. We for work and care, you have given the family some peace of mind. We are indebted to you for all you have done for J”.

Dianne J’s niece

“Just to thank you all very much for the way that you care for my dear son CP you have all made a remarkable difference in his amazing recovery in just under one year. I can’t thank you all enough”.

Mrs P CP’s mother

“Just to thank you all very much for the way that you care for my dear son CP you have all made a remarkable difference in his amazing recovery in just under one year. I can’t thank you all enough”.

Mrs P CP’s Mother

“Mr and Mrs D attended the review and stated their absolute delight at the care that JD now receives at JM Carehomes. They wanted me (SW) to record how delighted they are that JD now has the full life he deserves. Mr & Mrs D see more of JD at their home when they do see him he is far more communicative and positive about his life. Mr & Mrs D are satisfied people, and thanked all of us for the contribution we have made to JD’s life”.

JD’s Family’s view

“JD seems very happy there. He showed me his room, which he personalised greatly. JD ha I.T. and entertainment completely integrated into his life. He is able to lock his door for privacy. He is proud of his spacious room, which is on the ground floor, and therefore is suitable for his mobility difficulties. He has access to a lovely small garden via French doors and a ramp and he has an en-suite toilet and shower room. JD is also able to easily access the communal parts of the building which he shares with four other tenants.

This placement has been a huge success. The costs reflect the level of support JD needs to maintain his new-found inclusive lifestyle and I feel they represent Best Value and good quality of care”.

JD’s Social Worker’s view

“JD appeared to be comfortable at the review and said he is happy with the standard and quality of care. He stated that he enjoys getting out in the community, he is far more active than he was at his previous placement. JD clearly stated that he enjoys life more in his placement with JM Carehomes”.

JD’s view

“CLC is very happy at JM Carehomes and we as a family are more than pleased if he is happy. We feel that CLC would benefit greatly from the care that JM Carehomes gives him and as he gains more confidence in the staff, they will be able to help CLC’s progress with everyday life skills that he needs to learn, to help him grow with confidence. We are pleased he is now going out more and has a friend to go out with”.

CLC’s Family’s view

“CTA then arrived at the doorstep of JM House in November 2007 was a very unwell and frightened man, he had no self-esteem, he was frightened and lonely. There was nothing he could see ahead of him that indicated that life would be any better for him from the moment he stood at the door for the first time at JM House, than the tortuous years that had preceded it. The task ahead for the management and staff was very difficult and complex. The fears and traumas that accompanied CTA upon his arrival at JM House were not simply left on the doorstep of the building and thus ignored by the JM House staff. They were instantly recognised as being an integral part of the frightened man who stood before them. Thus the mental problems together with the huge catalogue of physical problems of CTA were greeted with warmth and affection. It shall be noted straight away that the warmth I speak of came accompanied by a seemingly immeasurable depth of humanity and a genuine desire to help and most importantly, to understand. Throughout the time CTA has been at JM House, the management and staff had undertaken tasks of enormous proportions. By continuing with their usual high quality of humanity, affection amid a genuine desire to provide help and understanding, manager and wonderful staff have ensured that it was CTA who created for himself a regime of personal self-discipline whereby aspects of life such as self-cleanliness and hygiene were introduced into his chaotic life. In the months CTA has resided at JM House, his physical condition has improved immeasurably. It has been dedicated staff who took the care and time to ensure that his new GP was kept up to date with every aspect of CTA’s physical wellbeing. In the months that have passed since his arrival at JM House, CTA has undergone a transformation of an immense magnitude. Today the sad, lonely figure that first arrived at Westcliff is gone, and a far healthier, happier and determined man will greet you. None of these successes could have been achieved without the applied determination, care, professionalism and most importantly of all, a genuine feeling of warmth and understanding that converted a place of residence for some unfortunate souls into what so many of us simply take for granted – a home. For the works and devotion they have given to my son CTA, the management and staff at JM House are to be congratulated and recommended for their efforts, works, and professionalism and proven success. They will also have my eternal gratitude”.

Mr T.M.C. CTA’s father